Watch before, during, or after an internet video

In-Stream video ads are basically the new and cool name for video pre-roll advertisements! In-Stream ads are those that are in the video player itself and are placed into the stream before content is watched by the user. This product is valuable because it is inexpensive, there are a lot of ad units that are available by category and people tend to watch the complete ad when it is made “non-skippable”. In-stream is commonly compared to commercial breaks that you see on television, holding a spot of typically :15 or :30 seconds of play time.

Video Instream ads are commercials that appear before, during, & after internet videos. Linear ads look like television commercials. They delay or interrupt the video and typically last 15 to 30 seconds. Those that run before videos are referred to as pre-roll. Mid-roll ads occur during the video, and post-roll ads display at the end.

The great thing about in-stream advertising is its robust targeting! We have the ability of being able to reach people based on some of our custom managed networks, behavioral targeting and contextual targeting as well.


View video as you scroll

Out-stream videos auto play in highly visible players when users interact with content, even if a webpage doesn’t have video content itself.

Out-stream ads are premium publishing video content which means a positive user experience! It is designed to be 100% viewable content and deploys/plays across the screen when the consumer moves the page around, meaning, it runs in an article stream rather than within a video player.

Video Outstream ads, also commonly referred to as ‘in-read’, is a video advertising unit that auto plays in a large format player whenever a user navigates to it within text content(typically an article), even if the publisher doesn’t have their own video content. It’s called outstream because the video ad exists outside of online video content.

What is out-stream video content?
  • An ad that gets delivered within an article feed (when an article breaks in half and a video ad appears)
  • Users can opt-out of viewing ad by scrolling down
  • The video sound turns on by hovering cursor over the ad
  • Provides a non-intrusive user experience
  • Gives us the ability to contextually target people
  • Gives us the ability to provide scale, allowing more video content to be purchased and publishers to generate higher rates with increased inventory
  • Premium inventory and proven effectiveness


Watch during a Youtube video and skip if you’re uninterested

TrueView is a YouTube video ad format that gives the viewer the option and ability to skip the advertisement after 5 seconds of viewing. Ads are served in-stream either before or during another video from a YouTube partner. The advantage? Viewers see videos that they are only interested about and you get more views from an audience of people you know is interested.

Connected TV

View advertising content through streaming applications and devices

The first thing to understand about Connected TV is to not think of it as digital advertising. Think of CTV as television dollars shifting to where the viewers are now watching their programs.

Using an internet connection, we are able to stream content through a television. Content is available through applications, accessed by Smart TVs or over-the-top devices like Apple TV, Roku, Sling, Xbox, etc. This provides advertisers the ability to reach TV viewers that are not using cable or satellite delivered TV and are instead watching/streaming internet delivered programs. CTV inventory serves to episodic content delivering non-skippable ads that the user must fully watch in order to continue on with the program (TV show, movie, etc). Connected TV has evolved substantially in the last 6 months. It can be viewed anywhere and anytime across desktop, mobile, tablet, smart TV, and gaming consoles.

How does connected TV work?

1. Viewers stream content live and on-demand
2. Ad spots are purchased when viewers match your desired audience
3. Ads appear in full screen, 100% viewable environments
4. Performance and analytics are captured in real-time

Over-the-top (OTT)

View advertisements through unsubscribed streamed media on the Internet

OTT stands for “over-the-top”, the term used for delivery of film and tv content via the internet, without requiring users to subscribe to a traditional cable or satellite pay-tv service.

OTT, or Over-The-Top, technology streams video content to desktops, mobile devices, tablets, smart TV’s and gaming consoles over the Internet. This opens a new channel of television content delivery in addition to subscription services like cable and satellite television delivery which require a hard wire delivery to a set top box.

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