Geo Location Targeting

Deliver content based on location

Today’s users spend more time in-app than on the rest of the web combined, making mobile advertising the fastest-growing segment in digital advertising. There are many capabilities which can effectively utilize this type of targeting: Precise Targeting, Device Look-Back Targeting, Device Matching, Audience Targeting, and Campaign Retargeting.

These targeting methods are often used together to deliver a well-rounded, well-targeted campaign approach. Along with our specific capabilities listed above, there are also a number of services for audiences and in-app categories that can be layered on top of the category list to create a more targeted, focused approach.

What strategies are used for geo locating?
  • Precise targeting: serve ads to visitors when they enter polygons (this targeting tends to have lower inventory)
  • Data look back targeting: live devices that appeared in the select polygon locations within the past two years, can be targeted no matter where they are now.
  • Device Matching: targeting a lookalike audience based on a device. A look-back audience is based on commonalities such as matched patterns and behaviors, apps installed, locations visited, ads previously engaged with, etc.
  • Audience targeting: reaching an audience through a pre-built “gold standard”. Audiences are based on relation location visit data, app usage and interest indicators.
  • Campaign retargeting: targeting those individuals who previously clicked on a mobile in-app campaign ad

What is mobile geofencing?

Geofencing is the technology of using a virtual geographic boundary to reach people presently in it. Once the “virtual barrier” is established, anyone who crosses into those boundaries can be reached. With geofencing, we are only able to serve ads to people who are within the perimeter. Once they leave the geofence, we have “lost” them and are unable to serve them any further ads.

What is mobile polygonning?

Polygonning is a technology of setting precise geographic borders to reach those within those boundaries. Polygonning has become a solution to find a more defined audience and to serve ads to them. Not only can we reach people within the borders of the polygon, we can also reach those people after they have left the perimeters.

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