Native Advertising & Content

Ads appear authentic by matching their environment

Native is a type of advertising that matches the form and function of the publisher upon which it appears. Advertisers can serve non-interruptive authentic ads directly on high quality premium publishers. This tactic goes far beyond other digital strategies to target users inside content feeds, leading to higher engagement and 100 percent guaranteed human traffic.

How does native advertising work?

Serves ads through content targeting by pre-selected audiences on top performing publishers. These “sponsored content” articles appear in online publications which resembles the host publications editorial content but is written by an advertiser and intended to promote the advertiser’s product.

Creative is Produced: Pick your content format – infographic, listicle, visual essay, or long form video. Select your audience: Choose geo, device, behavioral and contextual targets.

What are the benefits of native advertising?
  • Increased Engagement
  • Decreased Bounce Rate: When users stay within the publisher site, they don’t leave the content landing page immediately.
  • Longer Attention Time: Users spend an average of 90 seconds with the content vs. an average 12 seconds for rich media.
  • Audience Preferred Messaging: 70% of customers prefer to learn about companies through con- tent rather than through ads.
  • Premium Ad Space: Ads appear in a premium, brand safe environment.

IP Targeting

Use an address list to deliver digital messages

Many advertisers find their use of direct mail to current and prospective customers a highly effective way to drive engagement with their product or services. Now advertisers can support and improve their direct marketing programs by adding IP targeting to marketing efforts. Quite simply, if you have an address list, we can deliver a digital ad message to those specific addresses.

How does IP targeting work?

The advertiser provides a list of physical addresses, including street, city, state and zip code – this can be a pre-existing customer list, or a purchased list of the prospects they wish to reach. We begin the process of matching to the physical mail address to the corresponding IP address, which is essentially the “mailbox” for a computer. When a “prospective” customer goes online, ads are directed to their IP Address and delivered on the sites they choose to visit. The same ads normally used for display campaigns can be used for IP Targeting.

What are the benefits of IP targeting?
  • IP addresses are stored on an ad server, so no cookies are involved & cookie deletion does not affect the program
  • IP is the web entry point, so you can target homes and businesses
  • Reach your online target 100% of the time -no wasted impressions
  • Notify prospect customers of upcoming campaigns days or weeks in advance, & follow up with additional messaging.

Cluster IP Targeting

Use data to advertise to current and potential target customers

Cluster IP targeting allows advertisers to find and target their ideal audience. Whether targeting by demographic information or building upon an existing list, cluster IP targeting is a great way to advertise to both known & prospective quality customers.

How does cluster IP targeting work?

We compile public records including US Census, NAICS, SIC, Prizm Cluster, IRS records, Voter history, and more to allow us to find the audience who exactly matches the advertiser’s target. We then can target that house or business, as well as the houses which surround it (the “cluster”), which helps target other poten- tial customers. We also have the opportunity to build a “look-alike” audience off of an existing list to expand the reach. For over 40 years, Direct Marketers have packaged this data into fun, interesting seg- ments that represent the audience targeted.

What are the benefits of IP targeting?
  • Direct targeted ads to audiences exhibiting specific traits
  • Comprehensive pre-sale report defines targets by variables such as location type, social matrix breakdown, income range, home value, discretionary income, and more
  • Identify and target prospective customers
  • More cost-effective than traditional IP targeting or direct mail
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