Youngstedts Hooded Sweatshirt

May 27, 2023




Youngstedts - black hooded sweatshirt

Lund Solutions has brought both style and functionality to the forefront with their design of the hooded sweatshirt for Youngstedts. This wardrobe staple seamlessly integrates Youngstedts’ brand identity, incorporating the company’s logo and aesthetic seamlessly into the fabric. Lund’s attention to detail ensures that the sweatshirt not only serves as a cozy and comfortable piece of apparel but also becomes a walking billboard for the Youngstedts brand. Whether it’s the placement of the logo, the choice of colors, or the overall design, Lund has successfully transformed the hooded sweatshirt into a fashionable statement piece that resonates with Youngstedts’ commitment to quality and innovation in the automotive industry.

The hooded sweatshirt designed by Lund Solutions becomes more than just casual wear; it becomes a tangible representation of Youngstedts’ brand personality. Lund’s creativity is evident in the harmonious blend of practicality and style, making the sweatshirt not only a comfortable piece for everyday wear but also a fashion-forward item that enhances the wearer’s overall look. This design captures the essence of Youngstedts’ identity, transforming a simple piece of clothing into a branded statement that effortlessly communicates the company’s values to a broader audience. The result is a hooded sweatshirt that not only keeps individuals warm but also keeps Youngstedts top-of-mind in the minds of those who wear it.

About Youngstedts

Our Family Taking Care of Yours Since 1971. What all began as a single gas station and auto repair shop in Hopkins has grown to eight auto repair service and tire locations, three car wash and detail locations and a collision center in the western metro area of the Twin Cities. We also have two auto repair service and tire locations in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

Project Details

  • Product: SportTek
  • Imprint: Screen Printing