Youngstedts Event Swag

Jun 7, 2023




Youngstedts - variety of swag including a can koozie, sunglasses, car air freshener and chapstick

Lund Solutions has brilliantly conceptualized and designed a standout collection of event swag for Youngstedts, showcasing their creative prowess in transforming everyday items into memorable brand experiences. The swag, featuring items like chapstick, sunglasses, can koozies, and car air fresheners, embodies the essence of Youngstedts’ automotive expertise and lifestyle. Lund’s design approach infuses these functional items with the brand’s identity, using cohesive colors, logos, and sleek imagery that seamlessly integrate the Youngstedts aesthetic. This event swag not only serves as practical giveaways but also becomes a tangible extension of the Youngstedts brand, creating a lasting impression on recipients.

The event swag designed by Lund Solutions for Youngstedts goes beyond mere promotional items; it becomes a curated collection that reflects the brand’s commitment to quality and customer experience. Each item, from the branded sunglasses that exude style to the can koozies and car air fresheners that emphasize functionality, is a thoughtful expression of Youngstedts’ values. Lund’s design ensures that these swag items not only enhance the overall event experience but also serve as everyday reminders of the reliability and innovation associated with Youngstedts in the automotive industry. The result is a cohesive and visually striking swag ensemble that reinforces Youngstedts’ brand identity in a fun and practical manner.

About Youngstedts

Our Family Taking Care of Yours Since 1971. What all began as a single gas station and auto repair shop in Hopkins has grown to eight auto repair service and tire locations, three car wash and detail locations and a collision center in the western metro area of the Twin Cities. We also have two auto repair service and tire locations in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.