Youngstedts Black Friday Commercial

Oct 27, 2020




Youngstedts - 2020 Black Friday Commercial

Lund has expertly crafted the 2023 Black Friday commercial for Youngstedts, delivering an enticing preview of the incredible deals and promotions awaiting customers. The commercial is a visual feast, dynamically showcasing Youngstedts’ extensive range of automotive products and services. Lund’s creative direction seamlessly blends high-energy visuals, catchy soundtracks, and a compelling narrative, building anticipation for the Black Friday extravaganza at Youngstedts.

The commercial not only emphasizes the unbeatable discounts and special offers but also captures the essence of Youngstedts’ commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Lund skillfully integrates customer testimonials and glimpses of the state-of-the-art facilities, reinforcing the trustworthiness of the Youngstedts brand. With its vibrant and engaging presentation, Lund’s Black Friday commercial for Youngstedts is set to draw in eager shoppers, creating buzz and excitement around the upcoming automotive deals.

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About Youngstedts

Our Family Taking Care of Yours Since 1971. What all began as a single gas station and auto repair shop in Hopkins has grown to eight auto repair service and tire locations, three car wash and detail locations and a collision center in the western metro area of the Twin Cities. We also have two auto repair service and tire locations in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.