Sears Imports Folder

Apr 4, 2023



Sears Imports - folder mockup

Lund Solutions has demonstrated its design prowess in crafting a sophisticated and functional folder for Sears Imports, seamlessly blending aesthetics with practicality. The folder becomes a tangible representation of Sears Imports’ commitment to luxury and excellence, featuring Lund’s meticulous attention to detail in the layout, color scheme, and incorporation of the dealership’s branding elements. The result is not just a folder but a refined and cohesive presentation tool that enhances the overall client experience. Lund’s design ensures that the folder not only carries and protects important documents but also acts as a subtle yet impactful ambassador for the Sears Imports brand.

The folder designed by Lund Solutions for Sears Imports goes beyond mere organizational utility; it becomes an extension of the dealership’s premium image. Lund’s creative approach is evident in the seamless integration of sleek visuals and branding, creating a folder that aligns seamlessly with Sears Imports’ dedication to luxury vehicles and top-notch customer service. The design reflects the sophistication and attention to detail synonymous with the dealership, making the folder a statement piece that clients will associate with the quality and prestige of Sears Imports. Lund’s innovative design transforms the humble folder into a sophisticated and functional accessory, perfectly in line with the high standards set by Sears Imports in the automotive industry.

About Sears Imported Autos

Generations of loyal customers choose us for one reason: Perfection. While we don’t claim to be flawless, our commitment to perfection shines in every service, product, and experience we offer. International awards, national rankings, and top-notch facilities aside, our pride lies in the enduring trust of four generations. It defines everything we do and sets us apart in Minnesota and beyond.

Project Details

  • Finished Size: 9″ x 12″