Orono Boys Lacrosse Media Guide

Apr 23, 2023




Orono Lacrosse Hockey - media guide mockup

Lund Solutions has showcased its design prowess with the creation of the lacrosse media guide for the Orono Boys team, striking the perfect balance between functionality and visual appeal. The media guide becomes an informative and engaging resource for players, coaches, and fans alike, featuring Lund’s thoughtful integration of team imagery, statistics, and key information. Each page is a testament to Lund’s attention to detail, ensuring that the media guide not only serves as a comprehensive reference but also captures the spirit and energy of the Orono Boys lacrosse team. Lund’s design enhances the overall fan experience, fostering a sense of connection with the team and creating a visually compelling narrative that extends beyond the field.

The lacrosse media guide designed by Lund Solutions for the Orono Boys team is more than just a publication; it’s a dynamic storytelling tool that encapsulates the essence of the team. Lund’s creative approach seamlessly blends impactful visuals with relevant content, creating a guide that not only informs but also captivates its audience. From player profiles to season highlights, each element is strategically placed to enhance the reader’s connection with the team. Lund’s design transforms the media guide into a keepsake that not only celebrates the accomplishments of the Orono Boys lacrosse team but also creates a lasting impression on players, supporters, and enthusiasts alike.

About Orono Boys Lacrosse

The Orono Boys Lacrosse team is a competitive and spirited athletic group, showcasing skill and sportsmanship on the field. Committed to excellence, the team fosters a sense of camaraderie and determination, embodying the spirit of lacrosse in their performances.

Project Details

  • Finished Size: 8.5″ x 11″
  • Pages: 28