Neighborly Property Group Custom YETI

May 8, 2023

Neighborly Property Group - blue YETI cup with logl

Lund Solutions has showcased its design ingenuity with the creation of a custom YETI tumbler for Neighborly Property Group, offering a perfect fusion of functionality and brand promotion. The custom YETI tumbler serves as a stylish and practical accessory, featuring Lund’s creative integration of Neighborly’s branding elements, including logos and color schemes. This custom tumbler not only ensures that beverages stay at the perfect temperature but also becomes a portable billboard for Neighborly Property Group. Whether in the hands of clients during property tours or as a thoughtful gift, Lund’s design transforms the YETI tumbler into a sleek and tangible representation of Neighborly’s commitment to quality and innovation in the real estate industry.

Lund Solutions’ design of the custom YETI tumbler for Neighborly Property Group is a testament to their ability to elevate promotional items into impactful brand assets. The tumbler becomes more than just a container; it becomes a versatile and everyday accessory that seamlessly integrates Neighborly’s visual identity. Lund’s attention to detail ensures that the branding is not only prominent but also enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the tumbler. This thoughtful design transforms a simple beverage container into a stylish and functional accessory that resonates with Neighborly’s clientele, reinforcing the brand’s image of sophistication and excellence in the real estate market.

About Neighborly Property Group

Neighborly Property Group, founded by Kyle and Andrea Vorachek, is a family-owned construction and real estate business dedicated to reviving neighborly values. With over 20 years of combined experience, they prioritize superior service and quality by taking on a limited number of projects annually. Your experience with them promises personalization to suit your unique needs.

Project Details

  • Product: YETI