Maynards Promotional Gift Cards

Jul 11, 2023




Maynards - promotional gift card mockup

When it comes to showing appreciation, nothing beats a gift certificate to your favorite restaurant. And what better place to savor a delightful meal on Lake Minnetonka than on the wharf at Maynards! A Minnesota classic that we adore. These gift cards are more than just tokens of gratitude; they are powerful promotional tools, attracting new customers and delighting existing ones. Get ready for some delicious meals and refreshing drinks enjoyed with these fantastic gift cards.

About Maynards

Maynard’s Restaurant, established in 1998 on historic Lake Minnetonka property, offers the best waterfront dining in Minnesota. Locally owned, with a second location in Rogers, we provide American Casual cuisine and award-winning happy hours. Serving as a local haven and a tourist hotspot, our commitment to quality and exceptional service sets us apart.

Project Details

  • Finished Size: 3.375″ x 2.125″
  • Product: PVC Card