Maynards Holiday Gift Cards

Nov 11, 2022




Maynards - holiday gift cards mockup

Lund Solutions has brought a festive touch to Maynards’ holiday season with the expertly designed holiday gift cards. Infused with seasonal charm, these cards embody Lund’s creative flair by incorporating holiday motifs, warm color palettes, and elegant typography. The design not only captures the spirit of the holidays but also transforms Maynards’ gift cards into delightful and thoughtful presents for patrons. Lund’s attention to detail ensures that each holiday gift card is not just a token of appreciation but a visually appealing representation of the joy and warmth associated with Maynards’ dining experience during the festive season.

Maynards’ holiday gift cards, crafted by Lund Solutions, go beyond traditional gifting to become festive keepsakes. Lund’s design expertise is evident in the seamless integration of holiday-themed elements with Maynards’ brand identity, creating cards that are not only visually pleasing but also resonate with the joyous atmosphere of the holiday season. The holiday gift cards become a unique and personalized way for Maynards to spread cheer among their patrons, reflecting the restaurant’s commitment to providing an exceptional and memorable dining experience, even in the act of gift-giving. Lund’s creative touch ensures that these holiday gift cards become more than just transactions—they become cherished tokens of the holiday spirit celebrated at Maynards.

About Maynards

Maynard’s Restaurant, established in 1998 on historic Lake Minnetonka property, offers the best waterfront dining in Minnesota. Locally owned, with a second location in Rogers, we provide American Casual cuisine and award-winning happy hours. Serving as a local haven and a tourist hotspot, our commitment to quality and exceptional service sets us apart.

Project Details

  • Finished Size: 3.375″ x 2.125″