Lola’s Lakehouse Promo Email

Apr 6, 2022




Lola's Lakehouse - promo email mockup

Lund Solutions has skillfully crafted a promotional email for Lola’s Lakehouse that entices and engages recipients with captivating visuals and compelling content. Each element of the email, from the color scheme to the imagery, reflects the ambiance and charm of Lola’s Lakehouse, creating a seamless extension of the restaurant’s brand. Lund’s attention to detail ensures that the promotional email not only highlights special offerings and events but also resonates with Lola’s Lakehouse patrons, fostering a sense of connection and excitement around the dining experience.

The promotional email designed by Lund Solutions for Lola’s Lakehouse is more than just a marketing message; it’s a curated invitation to indulge in the unique offerings of the lakeside restaurant. Lund’s creative touch strategically combines vibrant visuals with concise and persuasive copy, creating an email that not only informs but also evokes a desire to experience Lola’s Lakehouse firsthand. Whether showcasing seasonal specials, events, or exclusive promotions, Lund’s design expertise transforms the promotional email into an effective communication tool that captivates Lola’s Lakehouse audience, encouraging them to savor the flavors and ambiance of this lakeside dining destination.

About Lola’s Lakehouse

Opened in May 2008 after a year-long remodel, Lola’s Lakehouse in Waconia has over a century of history as a gathering place on Clearwater Lake. Owned by the Berger family, Kyle, a Waconia native, recognized the property’s uniqueness and is actively involved with his wife, Amy. Lola’s, known for its unparalleled views of Lake Waconia, offers an exceptional lakeside experience with great food, drinks, and excellent service.

Project Details

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