Lola’s Lakehouse Menu Refresh

Jan 20, 2022




Lola's Lakehouse - menu mockup

Lund Solutions has breathed new life into Lola’s Lakehouse with a meticulously designed menu refresh that captures the essence of the lakeside dining experience. Lund’s creative touch is evident in the menu’s refreshed layout, which not only organizes offerings effectively but also showcases the diverse and delicious options available at Lola’s. The use of vibrant imagery, complementary color schemes, and clean typography creates a visual feast that mirrors the culinary delights patrons can expect. Lund’s attention to detail ensures that the menu becomes an extension of Lola’s Lakehouse ambiance, enticing diners with an inviting presentation that elevates the overall dining experience.

The menu refresh by Lund Solutions for Lola’s Lakehouse is more than a visual update; it’s a strategic reinvention that reflects the restaurant’s commitment to excellence. Lund’s innovative approach involves not just the aesthetic elements but also the organization and presentation of menu items, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for patrons. Each section of the menu becomes a curated journey, from appetizers to desserts, inviting diners to explore Lola’s diverse culinary offerings. The menu refresh becomes a powerful tool, communicating Lola’s dedication to quality, variety, and a memorable dining experience that resonates with both loyal patrons and newcomers alike.

About Lola’s Lakehouse

Opened in May 2008 after a year-long remodel, Lola’s Lakehouse in Waconia has over a century of history as a gathering place on Clearwater Lake. Owned by the Berger family, Kyle, a Waconia native, recognized the property’s uniqueness and is actively involved with his wife, Amy. Lola’s, known for its unparalleled views of Lake Waconia, offers an exceptional lakeside experience with great food, drinks, and excellent service.