Lola’s Lakehouse Drink Menu

Feb 10, 2022




Lola's Lakehouse - drink menu mockup

Lund Solutions has expertly curated a drink menu for Lola’s Lakehouse that serves as a visual delight and a comprehensive guide to the restaurant’s beverage offerings. Lund’s design seamlessly blends the lakefront ambiance of Lola’s Lakehouse with the diverse array of drinks available. The menu’s layout is not just a list of options; it’s a visual journey that captures the spirit of Lola’s Lakehouse, from refreshing cocktails to curated wine selections. Lund’s attention to detail ensures that each page becomes an aesthetic representation of the quality and diversity patrons can expect from Lola’s drink menu.

The drink menu designed by Lund Solutions for Lola’s Lakehouse is a testament to the fusion of style and substance. Lund’s creative touch extends beyond the aesthetics, incorporating strategic organization and legible typography. From the vibrant presentation of specialty cocktails to the detailed descriptions of wine and beer selections, the drink menu becomes an immersive experience for patrons, inviting them to explore the variety Lola’s Lakehouse has to offer. Lund’s comprehensive design strategy ensures that Lola’s drink menu not only enhances the dining experience but also communicates the restaurant’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship in every sip.

About Lola’s Lakehouse

Opened in May 2008 after a year-long remodel, Lola’s Lakehouse in Waconia has over a century of history as a gathering place on Clearwater Lake. Owned by the Berger family, Kyle, a Waconia native, recognized the property’s uniqueness and is actively involved with his wife, Amy. Lola’s, known for its unparalleled views of Lake Waconia, offers an exceptional lakeside experience with great food, drinks, and excellent service.