LDK Builders Website Launch

Apr 28, 2023




LDK Builders Website Launch Mockup

Lund is proud to announce the successful launch of LDK Builders’ new website, showcasing a seamless blend of aesthetic appeal and functionality. Our design and development team worked collaboratively to create a user-friendly platform that reflects LDK Builders’ commitment to excellence in construction. The website not only highlights their portfolio of projects but also provides visitors with an intuitive navigation experience to explore services, testimonials, and contact information effortlessly.

With a modern and responsive design, LDK Builders’ new website is optimized for an enhanced user experience across various devices. Lund’s focus on creating a visually engaging and informative platform ensures that LDK Builders can effectively communicate their expertise and passion for quality construction to a broader online audience. Whether on desktop or mobile, visitors can now easily engage with LDK Builders and discover the breadth of their services through a well-crafted online presence.

About LDK Builders

With a legacy dating back to 1976, Larry Kuperus and his team at LDK Builders have crafted thousands of custom homes in the Twin Cities. Specializing in custom home building, tear downs in high-demand city settings, and navigating complex lakeshore properties, LDK Builders’ experienced professionals ensure a smooth process from site selection and design to closing, handling regulatory requirements with expertise.

Project Details

  • Platform: WordPress
  • Builder: Divi
  • Features: Up to Date Realty Listings, In Depth Portfolio, and Multiple Intake Forms