Hogan Custom Homes Website Launch

Aug 6, 2021




Hogan Custom Homes Website Launch Mockup

Lund Solutions has ushered Hogan Custom Homes into the digital forefront with the launch of their newly designed and developed website. Merging modern design aesthetics with user-friendly functionality, the website becomes an interactive showcase of Hogan Custom Homes’ craftsmanship and expertise in custom home building. Lund’s attention to detail is evident in the intuitive navigation, striking visuals, and strategically presented portfolio, ensuring that visitors can seamlessly explore Hogan Custom Homes’ distinctive projects. The website launch marks a significant stride in enhancing Hogan Custom Homes’ online presence, establishing it as a trusted resource for individuals seeking a bespoke and personalized approach to home construction.

Hogan Custom Homes’ website, expertly crafted by Lund Solutions, is not merely a virtual storefront but a digital masterpiece that reflects the brand’s commitment to excellence. Lund’s creative approach ensures that the website not only highlights Hogan Custom Homes’ portfolio but also encapsulates the unique vision and attention to detail the company brings to each project. From the sleek design that mirrors the elegance of their homes to the user-friendly features that enhance the browsing experience, the website becomes a powerful tool for Hogan Custom Homes to showcase their craftsmanship and connect with potential clients. Lund’s comprehensive design and development strategy make Hogan Custom Homes’ website a captivating online destination that mirrors the company’s dedication to building dream homes with precision and passion.

Hogan Custom Homes

Hogan Custom Homes is on a mission to construct quality homes in the Twin Cities, offering expertise to make informed decisions in new construction and remodeling, enhancing value and equity. Our vision is to be the go-to resource for homeowners at every life stage, guiding them through purchasing their first home, remodeling existing ones, or realizing their dream home, ensuring sound decision-making throughout.

Project Details

  • Platform: WordPress
  • Builder: Divi