Founders Website Launch

Nov 15, 2022




Founders Properties Website Launch Mockup

Lund Solutions has orchestrated a transformative digital presence for Founders Properties through the launch of their newly designed and developed website. This platform serves as a virtual gateway to the world of real estate investment, showcasing Lund’s commitment to creating a user-friendly and visually appealing experience. Navigating the site is a seamless journey, thanks to Lund’s attention to detail in layout, intuitive navigation, and responsive design. From property listings to investment insights, the website becomes a comprehensive resource, reflecting Founders Properties’ expertise and commitment to excellence in the real estate industry. The launch signifies a new era for Founders Properties, establishing them as a digital frontrunner in the competitive realm of real estate investment.

Founders Properties’ website, crafted by Lund Solutions, is more than just an online platform; it is a strategic representation of the company’s values and vision. Lund’s design seamlessly integrates branding elements, creating a cohesive visual identity that resonates with Founders Properties’ clientele. The website not only provides a window into the diverse portfolio but also positions Founders Properties as an industry leader through informative content and an engaging user experience. Lund’s comprehensive approach to both design and development ensures that the website is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functionally robust, reinforcing Founders Properties’ online presence as a trusted destination for real estate investors.

About Founders Properties

Our business philosophy centers on treating clients, colleagues, and stakeholders with respect, prioritizing clients’ best interests, and upholding the highest standards of integrity. With a 25-year history of successful investments through market cycles, we bring expertise in the industrial sector and maintain a long-tenured employee team dedicated to achieving compelling risk-adjusted returns for our investors.

Project Details

  • Platform: WordPress
  • Builder: Divi