EPHS Soccer Apparel

Sep 16, 2023




Eden Prairie High School - 2023 soccer apparel

Lund Solutions has unveiled a striking and cohesive collection of new soccer apparel for Eden Prairie High School, showcasing their design prowess and commitment to capturing the spirit of the team. The apparel, thoughtfully crafted for both style and performance, embodies the essence of unity and pride associated with Eden Prairie’s soccer program. Lund’s design seamlessly integrates the school’s colors and mascot, creating a visually impactful ensemble that fosters a sense of camaraderie among players and fans alike. From sleek jerseys to versatile training gear, each piece reflects the attention to detail and passion Lund invests in encapsulating the unique identity of Eden Prairie High School’s soccer team.

Beyond aesthetics, Lund Solutions’ design for the new soccer apparel goes beyond surface-level style. The garments are engineered with a keen focus on functionality, ensuring that players not only look good but also feel comfortable and supported during matches and training sessions. The thoughtful combination of cutting-edge design and performance-oriented features marks Lund’s commitment to elevating the sporting experience for Eden Prairie High School’s soccer athletes. The new apparel not only reinforces team unity but also stands as a testament to Lund’s dedication to delivering innovative and functional design solutions.

About Eden Prairie High School Soccer

Eden Prairie High School boasts thriving soccer programs that have earned a reputation for excellence. With a strong commitment to skill development and sportsmanship, the school’s soccer teams consistently demonstrate competitive prowess in both local and regional competitions.

Project Details

  • Product: Nike
  • Imprint: Screen Printing on Garments, Embroidery on Hats