Doro Real Estate Coffee Mug

Jul 7, 2023




Doro Real Estate - custom coffee mug

Getting creative with real estate marketing can be tricky, but not when you work with Doro Real Estate. These guys are always open to fun ideas and ways to spread their brand across the Twin Cities. So, when Mike and Aaron brought us this mug idea, we were all about it! A local craft coffee shop in Minneapolis uses donated mugs for their customers (washed and cleaned, of course!). It only made sense to “donate” a few of these for circulation and promotion within the coffee shop. Partnering with Luminate Home Loans, the white design really popped off a simple black mug. And we think our coffee may taste better out of it!

About Doro Real Estate

We’re flipping the script on traditional real estate. Buying a new property can feel like a grind – slow moving deals, tons of red tape, and poor communication. We believe Twin Cities buyers, sellers, and investors deserve better, so we crafted a whole new model. The Doro experience is built on transparent communication, a concierge experience, and anytime, anywhere availability. This is real estate on your own terms.

Project Details

  • Product: 8.5 Oz. Black Toledo Bistro Mug
  • Imprint: White Pad Printing