Doro Home-Buying Guide

Sep 13, 2023




Doro Real Estate - home buying guide mockup

Lund Solutions has ingeniously designed the Home Ownership Guide for Doro Real Estate, a comprehensive resource that reflects Doro’s commitment to transforming the home-buying process into a seamless and personalized experience. Grounded in the philosophy that acquiring a new home should be a positive journey, the guide embodies a refreshing perspective that moves away from the mundane and towards a more transparent and client-centric approach. Lund’s design captures the essence of Doro Real Estate’s commitment to transparent communication and places a spotlight on the client’s best interests, creating an inviting and informative guide that empowers individuals embarking on the exciting journey of home ownership.

The Home Ownership Guide by Lund Solutions not only serves as a valuable informational tool but also as a visual representation of the Doro experience. The design encapsulates the essence of Doro Real Estate’s customer-centric model, showcasing a commitment to clarity and personalized service. With Lund’s creative touch, the guide becomes more than just a document; it becomes a user-friendly companion, providing prospective homebuyers with insights and guidance in a visually engaging manner. This collaboration between Lund Solutions and Doro Real Estate reinforces the notion that the home-buying process can indeed be a positive and empowering experience when supported by thoughtful and innovative design.

About Doro Real Estate

We’re flipping the script on traditional real estate. Buying a new property can feel like a grind – slow moving deals, tons of red tape, and poor communication. We believe Twin Cities buyers, sellers, and investors deserve better, so we crafted a whole new model. The Doro experience is built on transparent communication, a concierge experience, and anytime, anywhere availability. This is real estate on your own terms.

Project Details

  • Finished Size: 11″ x 8.5″
  • Pages: 12