DinoMights Logo & Branding

Sep 17, 2018




DinoMights Logo Branding Mockup

Lund’s creative touch is evident in the new logo and branding for DinoMights, capturing the essence of the organization’s mission and spirit. The logo is a visual masterpiece, seamlessly blending elements that symbolize youth development, community, and the energy of hockey. Lund’s choice of vibrant colors and dynamic imagery creates a logo that is both memorable and reflective of the positive impact DinoMights has on the lives of young individuals. The cohesive branding extends beyond the logo, incorporating these elements into various promotional materials, fostering a unified and recognizable identity for DinoMights.

Lund’s design not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also communicates the values and goals of DinoMights. The branding reflects a modern and forward-thinking organization, aligning with the innovative approach DinoMights takes to youth development. Lund’s attention to detail ensures that the branding is versatile, leaving a lasting impression on diverse audiences and reinforcing DinoMights’ commitment to guiding young individuals towards self-assured, competent adulthood through hockey and community support.

About DinoMights

DinoMights is devoted to guiding youth from early elementary to high school graduation, fostering their development into self-assured, competent adults through hockey-centered incentives and a diverse range of support services. Since 1995, the program has been dedicated to creating lasting impacts and building enduring relationships with diverse youth in South Minneapolis, using an innovative community-driven approach to provide tailored opportunities for physical, academic, social, and spiritual excellence.