Decks Elevated Logo & Branding

Apr 15, 2023



Decks Elevated - Logo Branding

Lund Solutions has skillfully redefined the visual identity of Decks Elevated with the creation of a new logo and branding that perfectly captures the essence of craftsmanship and sophistication. The logo, meticulously crafted by Lund, reflects the clean lines and attention to detail that define Decks Elevated’s approach to outdoor spaces. Through a harmonious blend of modern typography and an icon that symbolizes elevated decks, Lund’s design creates a visually compelling and memorable representation of the brand. The new branding extends beyond the logo, with cohesive color schemes and design elements that permeate various touchpoints, ensuring a consistent and distinctive brand presence for Decks Elevated.

The new logo and branding designed by Lund Solutions for Decks Elevated mark a transformative moment in the company’s visual identity. Lund’s creative touch goes beyond aesthetics, encapsulating the essence of Decks Elevated’s commitment to creating outdoor spaces that elevate lifestyle. The thoughtful design choices, from the choice of color palette to the typography, convey a sense of modernity and reliability. The branding becomes a powerful tool in communicating the brand’s values to clients, establishing Decks Elevated as a leader in the industry. Lund’s innovative approach ensures that every element of the branding resonates with the company’s dedication to quality and sets the stage for a strong and recognizable brand presence in the competitive market.

About Decks Elevated

Decks Elevated is a process-driven company, because through process we can maintain the highest level of standards for craftsmanship, customer service, and accountability. Every project we design, our team will take careful consideration of your inspiration and vision. Decks Elevated is always exploring creative and innovative ways of staying on top of ever-changing design trends.