C-Aire Compressors Fire Compressor Catalog

Apr 30, 2020




C-Aire Compressors - fire compressor brochure mockup

Lund’s design for the fire compressor catalog for C-Aire Compressors is a testament to his ability to balance technical information with visual appeal. The catalog seamlessly integrates detailed specifications and features of C-Aire’s fire compressors while maintaining a clean and organized layout. Lund’s use of a professional color palette and crisp imagery enhances the catalog’s visual appeal, ensuring that potential customers can easily navigate through the information and find the compressor solutions that meet their specific needs.

The catalog serves as a comprehensive guide, providing in-depth insights into the functionality and applications of C-Aire’s fire compressors. Lund’s strategic use of charts, graphs, and well-crafted product descriptions makes complex technical details accessible and understandable for a wide range of audiences, from industry professionals to those new to fire compressor systems. Through Lund’s design, the C-Aire Compressors catalog not only showcases the company’s product excellence but also establishes a strong visual identity that aligns with the reliability and precision associated with fire safety equipment.

About C-Aire Compressors

Since its founding in 1979, C-Aire has evolved from a local family-owned business to a leading force in the air compressor industry, marked by 14 years of continued growth under new ownership since 2009. Specializing in high-quality compressors and services, C-Aire stands out with competitive prices, product excellence, and recognition for innovation, underscored by an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Project Details

  • Finished Size: 11″ x 8.5″
  • Pages: 24