The best or nothing.

For over 50 years, Sears Imported Autos is the premier Mercedes-Benz dealership in the Twin Cities.  Lund Solutions assists Sears Imports with a variety of traditional and digital marketing needs.


Our work.

Email Campaigns:  With strict adherence to the the Mercedes-Benz brand guidelines, we were tasked with creating email campaigns that promoted current vehicle specials.

In-Store Signage:  Effectively communicating current offers and specials is vital to seasonal campaigns.  We develop eye-catching signs that sell more vehicles.

Sales Material:  After you sign all of your paperwork, what do you do with that stack of forms?  Put it in a folder, of course.  We developed a post-sale folder that not only organizes the customer, but resources them with vital contact information about the dealership.

Working with Mercedes-Benz.

There’s no compromises with the Mercedes-Benz brand.  Gaining access to their assets involves a process comparable to TSA airport security.  There’s no joking around and you quickly gain a high-level of respect for the files you possess.  At Lund Solutions, we absolutely love that responsibility.  We treat all client assets with the same level of respect.

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