Why Is A Video Marketing Strategy So Important?

Jun 10, 2023



a person holding a camera in a field

Most small businesses assume that video marketing is for the “big guys” because it’s expensive and time consuming. But, that couldn’t be less true in today’s society. With some creativity and planning, you’ll be well on your way to an awesome video marketing strategy.

What is Video Marketing?

We use video as a channel to communicate with your audiences (leads, prospects and customers) messages about your business. Video marketing is the strategy involved in using that video effectively to sell and promote. This can happen on a variety of mediums, including social media, websites, televisions, etc.

Why is Video Marketing Important?

Video continues to gain traction for all types of businesses, regardless of industry. It’s popularity has increased year-over-year for the last decade. As a result, businesses see an increase in brand awareness of 70%, website traffic increases over 50% and sales upwards of 35%.

What are The Benefits of Video Marketing?

There’s no doubt that technology has increased the popularity of video marketing. With many people able to capture video content via their mobile devices and network connections getting faster, engagement with video content becomes more advantageous.

How We Use Video Marketing for Our Business?

Video marketing can be as simple or complex as you’d like to make it. In recent years, the ability to “Go Live” on Facebook and Instagram has created a very simple new channel for business leaders to show off their products and services.

In addition, marketing agencies like Lund Solutions can help businesses film and edit content for social media, websites, blogs and television. The access to high-quality content allows even the smallest brands to compete with their biggest competitors.

Ideas for How to Use Video Marketing

Demo videos

Show (don’t tell) your customers how your product or service works. Give yourself the ability to highlight key benefits and encourage up-sell opportunities.


Customers love the chance to get a look behind the curtains. Show them who makes your products and services come alive and help them understand how your product or service is made. You’ll be surprised at how effective this strategy can be!

How-to videos

While it may feel counterintuitive to show customers how to do something, this strategy has proven to highlight the importance of your product or service. It can actually help drive more value to your business.

Testimonial videos

There’s power in someone else speaking positively about your business. It feels more genuine and authentic than a quote on your website. Plus, it puts a face to a real person who has actually interacted with your business in a positive way.

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